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Laser-Projectror Enclosure (NEW)


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One of our custromer is clearing some more materials:

Like the enclosure you see in the picture. This has all holes pre drilled and ready for montage of the various connections. The metal is sturdy enough to make most lasers fit.

The picture only shows the bottom half of the unit. The bottom also has 4 rubber feet premounted.

The top is a U-shaped cover with a U-shaped handle with it. You mount the cover to the bottom half and with the handle on top you can use a G-Hook or similar to hang it from truss or anywhere else you want it. If the contents are not too heavey you can even use the top handle to swing it around to the bottom and then mount it on a stand.

Inside is also a seperate aluminum plate that allows for easy montage of all the components. Just mount everything on the plate, put the plate in the enclosure and you're ready.

It comes with handle bar to hang the enclosure.

The aluminum plate inside is about 10 mm thick ( may be 8 or 9 mm ) but thick enough to hold the components.

It has:
- 2 x 8 cm fan opening
- 1 x 230 volt connection port for euro plug
- 2 x ilda db 25 hole
- 2 x dmx hole

On the front the output window is about 10 cm wide and 8 cm high. This allows for both scanners as well as lumia effects to be mounted inside.

Also the top-cover is included.