Surge-Voltage-Protection Multiple (8) Socket Strip EU-DE 230V with switch 30,000 A View larger

Surge-Voltage-Protection Multiple (8) Socket Strip EU-DE 230V with switch 30,000 A


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Original Brennenstuhl Premium-Line 8-way power strip DUO light gray

Protect your equipment like laser projectors, control PCs and laptops against disturbances in the power grid, such as surges, indirect lightning strikes, or line interference with a maximum sum of leakage currents up to 30 kA.
  • In addition, high-quality protection against HF interference through integrated and integrated EMI / RFI noise filter.
  • Interference suppresion filters prevent that glitches get from the electricity network into the devices and vice versa.
  • Guaranteed protection against extreme surges and severe electric shocks to 30,000 A.
  • Extremely short time for the lightning-fast suppression of the surge.
  • Three wire arrangement protects phase, neutral and earth wires.
  • Illuminated safety switch, 2-pole ON / OFF.
  • Optical function display of device protection.
  • With 10 ampere fuse, exchangeable
  • With thermal fuse, additional protection against unforeseen increases in temperature of varisators and disconnecting the mains voltage.
  • German / Europe - Schuko connectors and plugs
  • NO (children's) protection for easy insertion.
  • 3 m Anschlußleitung H05VV-F 3 G1,5.
  • 3 m cable H05VV-F 3 G1.5.
  • Length approx 38 cm.
  • Insurance cover up to 5 million euros for persons and property in connection with the Brennstuhl manufacturer product liability.