Laser Show Bundle: 12 Laser Shows (11 * Beamshow & 1 * Beam+Graphic-Show) View larger

Laser Show Bundle: 12 Laser Shows (11 * Beamshow & 1 * Beam+Graphic-Show)

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Showtype Combinded Beam- and Graphicshow

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This show package contains all our twelf own laser shows with a special bundle discount:

Music recommendations:

Beam shows
  • Ameno (Video Mix) 3:38 from DJ Quicksilver
  • Everybody (Klubbingman Remix Edit) 3:59 / 3:50 (actual playlength 3:44) from Rocco
  • Liquid skies (Video Cut) 3:50 from Kai Tracid
  • O Fortuna 2:22 from Carl Orff - Carmina Burana
  • On The Move (Radio Edit) 3:33 from Barthezz
  • Played-A-Live (Radio Cut) 3:21 from SaFri Duo
  • Schwarze Sonne (Talla 2XLC Remix German version) 6:09 from E Nomine with Ralf Moeller
  • Silent Heart (Radio Edit) 3:51 from Green Court Feat. Lina Rafn
  • Someday (Radio Cut) (3:45) from DJs @ work (Also included on the Pangolin CD Set)
  • Too Many Times (Video Cut) 3:51 from Kai Tracid
  • Also sprach Zarathustra (Intro) 1:39 from Richard Strauss
Tip: Try projecting the beam shows onto a screen...

Combined beam and graphic show
  • Blue Danube Waltz (Donauwalzer / An der schönen blauen Donau) from Johann Strauß (son)
At the beginning, your audience sees a beam show. After a short while, the effects are only projected in the lower portion, so that you can slide down your invisible gauze screen unnoticed. Then, 3D figures are projected through the gauze. Imagine the reactions of your audience, if all of a sudden figures float in the room.
If you mail your DMX frame for "screen down" to us, we can fit it into the show at the appropriate point. Please also tell us how long it takes for your screen to slide down. If you wish, we can put a "screen up" frame at the end.

You don't want to buy "a pig in a poke"? No problem: Just order the free preview for all shows.