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Advanced version of the best sold show management and presentation software for Pangolin Lasershow Designer 2000 (LD2000) inclusive USB-DMX-In Dongle - The one and only show combination software that gives you all the power you need for perfect multi-show performances without blackouts:

* comes together with USB-DMX-in dongle for easy automation
* directXecution live surface specially designed for touchscreen applications
* easy integration of laser cues in DMX controlled light shows
* multi-tabbed show list
* automatic harddisk show search engine
* latest enhanced reality preview
* support for projection zones
* no loading delays between shows anymore!
* multi-language version now available
* Many more new features...

Laserlight ShowControl is an unique add-on to the popular Pangolin Lasershow Designer system. It replaces Showtime for performing shows.

With Laserlight ShowControl you have all shows at your fingertip. One click and the desired show or a whole multi-show performance consisting of several different shows will play automatically without requiring any further user intervention or file-seeking. The software is fully pre-programmable and customizable. Laserlight ShowControl 3.x supports the new QuadMod2000 hardware board.

Innovative features like quick and easy drag & drop programming, multi CD-ROM support, sound offset adjustment, show scrolling, MP3 support, video synchronization, frame preload and a lot more make Laserlight ShowControl an essential tool for any laserist. You will be able to make better performances in a shorter time. It will make your daily work a lot easier. We promise you that you will not know how you lived without it so long!

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