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Scanner Safety 4.xx 6-Channel USB / RS232

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Micro controller based laser beam supervision Scanner Safety 4.xx USB / RS232 for 6 color channels

It is at any time possible that your laser soft- or hardware fails in such a way that dangerous laser beams go into your audience. This can be avoided only with a scanner safety.

Operatio Area:

Standing or slowly moving rays, which can damage the human eye, are hidden. The safety monitors the system to technical defects.

  • In X and Y direction, the limits of the range are set, where the laser beam must have a minimum speed. If the beam in this area, a CPU monitors the safety requirements. If the specifications are not achieved, the safety shuts down all 6 color channels.
  • If the laser is dark / blanked, the CPU detects this condition and allows the shutdown passive.
  • A watchdog monitors the CPU and switches optionally after 0.01 seconds the laser dark.
  • The power supplies are patrolled internally within limits.
  • 8 Seconds after applying a voltage the Safety is ready to work.
  • When booting the Safety a green LED will flash and the laser output remains dark.
  • In operation and sufficient scanner movement, the green LED will stay on permanently.
  • The red LED is indicating if the movement is inadequate and the Safety intervenes.
  • In case of failure the LCD lighting is turned on at the same time like the red LED.
All information on the LCD refer only to additional orderd LCD!