MediaLas USB-ILDA HyperPort Pro Interface with DMX and gratis Laser Show View larger

MediaLas USB-ILDA HyperPort Pro Interface with DMX and gratis Laser Show


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MediaLas HyperPort Interface USB-Output-Box with DMX incl. gratis additional laser show

The new HyperPort Pro USB interface is the standard interface, that comes with any Mamba Black or Mamba 2.0 package. It contains a fast ILDA interface with full RGB and blanking support, and a DMX interface with 512 DMX channels.

HyperPort Pro connects to the PC through standard USB. The internal double frame buffer eliminates latency delays, and increases the overall brightness of the laser projector. All outputs are buffered and protected against ESD. The size is half 19", so two HyperPort Pro interfaces can be mounted in a 19" rack, on a separate available mounting frame.

Almost unlimited number of HyperPort Pro USB interfaces can be connected on your computer, it just depends on computer hardware and number of USB ports. Each interface can be accessed independantly from Mamba. HyperPort Pro is fully hot plug´n´play, means, it can be disconnecter or switched on and off during show playback, and will automatically integrate itself into Mamba after reconnecting.

It is recommended, to use one or two interfaces per USB port. If more interfaces are connected, there could be a lower frame rate per interface.

Technical data:
  • Channels: XY - Blanking - RGB - DMX
  • Scan speed: Up to 120,000pps
  • Resolution: XY: 12 bits, Blanking and RGB: 8 bits
  • DMX channels: 512
  • PC Interface: USB 1.1 / 2.0
  • Dimensions: Width 1/2 19"