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Pangolin Laser Show Performer Console


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Pangolin Laser Show Performer Console

The Lasershow Performer console is a professional-quality desk for running live cues. It is designed and manufactured by Lasscan Ljubljana, d.o.o., and is available exclusively through Pangolin dealers worldwide. It includes "ears" so the console can be rack-mounted, and comes with a one-year warranty from Lasscan. Specify power needed (110 V / AC 60 Hz or 230 V / AC 50 Hz).

Now any Pangolin user can play laser show cues live, using a professional-grade console: Lasershow Performer.

It works with Lasershow Designer and Lasershow Designer 2000 programs, to extend the software-only Live! and LivePRO controllers. The LP console is perfect for clients such as discos, who prefer playing from a dedicated "button box" rather than a computer keyboard.

Lasershow Performer has nine banks of 48 cue buttons, for a total of 432 cues. The cues themselves are set up in advance using the Live! and LivePRO programs. Cues are highly flexible. Each cue can be a frame or animation, still or scrolling text, or any part of a Showtime show. The cues also can trigger TTL outputs for control of beams or other external devices.