Pangolin Laser Show SMPTE Timecode Controller TC2000


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Laser Show SMPTE Timecode Controller TC2000

Some installations require coordination with music and (time) control signals. This is most often done using SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) timecode. The timecode will be recorded on one audio track. Then, at playback time, the timecode audio is read and decoded by a SMPTE timecode reader device.

Pangolin systems cannot read SMPTE directly. This is because QM boards used with Laser Show Designer 2000 do not have SMPTE reading circuits. Instead, you need SMPTE readers designed to connect to computers. These are common in the audio-visual and electronic music field. The SMPTE reader will connect to the computer's via a port (parallel, serial, USB) or internal card.

For using the SMPTE timecode with LD2000 Pangolin recommend the Laser Show Timecode Controller TC2000:

The TC2000 controller reads and writes SMPTE timecode, when used in conjunction with a Laser show Designer 2000 host computer:

  • In reading mode, the TC2000 decodes incoming SMPTE timecode and passes it to LD 2000. Playback of your laser show is then locked to the incoming SMPTE timecode. If timecode stops, the laser show stops (alternatively, you can set the show to continue "freewheeling"). If timecode backs up and starts again, the laser show also backs up and starts again.
  • In writing mode, the TC2000 outputs a SMPTE-encoded audio signal. Typically, you would then record this on a tape deck or other recording device.
There are four connectors on the TC2000:

  • The OUT jack (Cinch) on the front is for writing a SMPTE-encoded audio signal to a tape deck or other external recording device.
  • The IN jack (Cinch) on the front is for reading a SMPTE-encoded audio signal that is coming from another device.
  • The Power Input jack on the back takes a 9 - 12 volt AC or DC power. This is provided by an included "wall wart" transformer.
  • The Serial Port on the back is used to communicate with your Lasershow Designer 2000 host computer. The port is a female 9-pin RS-232 serial connector. Use an appropriate adapter cable to plug into the USB or serial port on your computer.

Dimensions approx. 4.4" * 3.3" * 1.3"

How the TC2000 works :

Software to control the TC2000 is built right into Pangolin's Lasershow Designer 2000 system. In the LD2000 program "Showtime", you can set playback to be controlled by SMPTE. You'll see the incoming SMPTE timecode, and the laser show will follow the timecode exactly.

Pangolin laser shows can be synced internally (to a clock on the QM2000 board) or externally (to various devices running their own timecode). If you're using a TC2000, just click the second button - your show will automatically be synced to incoming SMPTE timecode.