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Laser Logo, Company Sign and Picture Digitizing Service for your Lasershow

Don't have time or know how to create laser logos? Don't have access to a system or software to create laser logos? No problem with our Laser Logo Digitizing Service: We offer a quick and cost effective service that will create your professional looking logos or reproduce your artwork!

One of the most important aspects of a show (from the client's perspective), is branding. Client's adore seeing their logos big, bright, clean and is actually mandatory! If you have a graphic-capable laser projector, then you most certainly need custom logos for your shows!

Four Easy Steps to get you logo:

  1. Order this service product with the appropriate quantity and options.
  2. Replay to the automatic eMail you receive and attach your logos / artwork. Clear .jpg or .bmp images with white or black backgrounds are preferred, (although most formats are acceptable). Let us know your scan rate ie. 12K, 30K or 60K pps and desired format e.g. .ild or .lds format.
  3. Wait for our order confirmation and make your payment.
  4. Receive your logos within few days by email and have a great show! reserves the right to pre-determine the complexity of a logo or still-shot. For users with systems scanning at less than 24K ILDA, complex logos and still-shots may be created in 2 or more frames. These frames can be played in succession in order to reduce flicker.

All logos & still-shots are created with optimum effeciency (fewest possible points). In order for these to look as good as they were originally created, it is important that your scanners are properly tuned and that your software is calibrated using the ILDA test pattern.