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The Dazzler

The Dazzler is a lens/reflector assembly which, when combined with standard X-Y scanners, provides the capability of projecting graphics and beam effects over an area of approximately 20 degrees above the horizon to nearly 90 degrees below the horizon, by a complete 360 degrees surrounding the device. Sold as OEM devices that can be added to an existing projector or built-into a new projector design.

Allow you to create an "electronic mirror ball", capable of scanning laser beams anywhere in a 360 degree circle.

  • Imagine a plane of light starting at the ceiling, coming down all four walls, and finally converging as a cone on the center of your dance floor...
  • Imagine a galaxy of beams shooting into every corner of your night club, making every customer feel like they are a part of the show...
  • Imagine laser beams swirling around the room, completely filling the air like rain fills the sky...

Conventional laser projectors are limited. At most, they can scan at around 60 degrees at a time. And while some projectors are on a swivel "yoke" base so they can aim anywhere in a room, they are still limited to projecting only in a single direction at a time.

The Dazzler and The Discoscan are completely different. Aside from the standard X-Y scanners, there are no moving parts. Instead, they use Pangolin and AVI's patented omni-directional projection lens technology to scan anywhere in a complete circle, 360 degrees around, all at once.

No other device can produce the kinds of effects possible with The Dazzler or The Discoscan. Not even conventional lighting projectors can do what these do - fill an entire room with shaped beams of light. These devices give any venue a unique, high-tech look.

Video showing both products the Dazzler and the Discoscan in action!

The few words and pictures seen on this web page can not come close to showing the excitement and intensity that your customers will experience when they view lasers projected with these devices. So Pangolin has produced a video that shows these devices in action.

The video shows both The Dazzler and The Discoscan in action, with both devices doing similar tasks. Even though the video was shot in a relatively small laser studio, you can still see the vast array of effects that are possible and how simple a projector can be that uses this technology - Click above to view the video file...