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  • MediaLas M III...

    MediaLas M III (ehemals Mamba Black) Software and Hardware

  • Dynamics & Easy-/NetLase

    Dynamics Software, EasyLase II USB and NetLase Hardware

    The showoutput interface EasyLase ® USB II is the new version of the worldwide-known EasyLase ® USB device. A substancially more efficient and more versatile device was created by a complete reconstruction using the latest technologies.

    The new EasyLase ® USB II now allows the control of 5+1 colour channels with 12 Bit resolution. Outputspeed also was increased significantly to 110000 points per second.

    Further improvements are a jitter-free signal output, optional power over USB and a future expandability as standalone showplayer using a memory card.

    EasyLase ® USB II features an ILDA-compatible connector with symmetrical outputs for X and Y. All important connectors are located at the front side of the unit.

    The new EasyLase ® USB II comes in an elegant Aluminium enclosure and does not cost more than the old EasyLase.

    A new driver-DLL with open documented API features many new and comfortable functions and supports the functions of the old Easylase ® USB also.

    EasyLase ® USB is supported by the following software:
    • LDS Dynamics
    • Laser Design Studio
    • Mamba Black
    • HE-Laserscan
    and many more...

    EasyLase ® USB II - Why be satisfied with less?
  • Dot Monkey Tracetool

    Dot Monkey Tracetool

    Laser show trace tool DotMonkey: The International Laser Display Association (ILDA) awarded Laservision International 1st place for "Best Graphics" for two consecutive years.

    Modelling our winning artists techniques, Dot Monkey provides rapid creation of laser images. Existing laserists can now enjoy dramatic increases in productivity leaving time for the more important things in life!

    By using our exciting new software, Dot. Monkey, high quality artwork can be created in less than 10 seconds - edited!

  • IDN - ILDA Digital...

    Converter, OEM-Boards, IP-Cores, applications and frameworks for the communication across ILDA Digital Network (IDN) of the International Laser Display Association (ILDA). IDN (under development) is planned as a standard for the transmission of laser, DMX512, audio and other sources across packet oriented network links. Our components allow the development of new systems and the upgrade/conversion of existing systems.

  • Laser Harp &...

    Laser Harp, Accessories and MIDI-Controller

    Longer ILDA Cables

    List of purchasable accessories - Please ask:
    • Double Footswitch - One footswitch for Opening / Closing the laser harp (latch) and the other one for selecting MIDI banks (momentary)
    • Single Footswitch for Opening / Closing the laser harp (comes with a cable)
    • White gloves used for improved reflection and sensitivity
    • TRS Stereo Footswitch cable, black, 3 m
    • TRS Stereo Footswitch cable, black, 5 m
    • TRS Stereo Footswitch cable, black, 10 m
    • MIDI cable, 5 m
    • MIDI cable, 10 m
    • Sensor cable, black, 5 m
    • Sensor cable, black, 10 m
    • Sensor cable, grey, 15 m