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  • ILDA-Cable

    ILDA-Cable for Laserprojectors and Laserbenches

    With an ILDA cable you attach your laser projector or laser bench with your laser show controller (PC-output-card or -box).

    All our ILDA cables are wired full and are suitable for single color, RGY and RGB projectors as well as showlasers with up to six color channels.

    Our ILDA cable offer for your:

    Over the security and reliability of your Lasershow performance to endanger not unnecessarily should use you in each case only one cable for the connection and not interconnect several for the ILDA extension!

    Respect for also always on using the knurled thumb screws however only easily to tighten. If you too firmly tighten the screws exist with unscrewing the danger, which the screw mounting separates on the opposite side and remains at the screw.
  • Components & Tools

    Components & Tools

    Laserbank Small parts and tools as spare parts or for self-assembly of a laser projector:

  • Projections Screens

    Projections Screens for Laser Graphic Shows

  • Laser Modules

    DPSS- and Diode-Laser

  • Laser Projectors

    Single Color, Multi Color RGY and Full Color RGB Laser Projectors

    It is so far: We start our laser projectors offer with projectors of MediaLas - ask us for your price and additional free lasershows for your showlaser…
  • Fog

    SAFEX Fog Fluids and Fog Generators

  • Scanner & Driver

    Laserscanner and Driver

    Laser scanner and laser scanner driver as spare parts or for self-assembly of a laser projector:

  • Safety


    Scanner-Safeties incl. integration or ofr self-mounting

  • Surge-Voltage-Protection

  • Gratings, Mirrors &...

    Diffraction-Gratings, Laser-Mirrors & Mounts

    Original Glass Lightworld Diffraction Gratings from Creative Laser Production

    Each individual Lightworld Grating is the Original of the artistic and technological optoholographic / photographic unique development of the creator. The manufacture of copies is prohibited by national law (URHG §2, #5, #6) and international law (WTO 1994, Trips31).

    Diffraction grating explanation at Wikipedia...