Pangolin 5.5x Update mit vielen neuen Shows auf DVD Vergrößern

Pangolin 5.5x Update mit vielen neuen Shows auf DVD


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Lasershow Designer LD2000 Software Update Version 5 DVD-Set mit vielen neuen Shows und Tutorial-DVD

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The DVD installation set includes over 120 shows and demos, over 350,000 laser clip-art frames and 15 pieces of royalty-free music from Pangolin. Within LD2000 version 5.0, almost every program, utility, and sub-component have been updated in some way:

For both the LD2000 drawing program and Showtime timeline programs, we have completed the Chinese-language version, and tremendously improved the quality of the French-language version. We have also made internal changes to the networking, projection zones, timeline editing and show playback portions for smoother performance, especially when operating over a network.

Within LD2000, we have changed the text rendering engine to correct a problem where certain Chinese characters were not reproduced correctly. And within Showtime, we have improved the quality and capability of the video player, using a Windows Media Player component. To provide maximum consistency and compatibility with past versions, the enhanced video capability is available in a separate .exe called Showtime_M.exe. This Showtime_M version allows you to control the video playback much more easily, including the ability to remove the border from the video output window and also easily maximize the video to full screen.

Within Showtime and Autoplay, we have added the ability to automatically load beam frames after loading the show and frames. For example, if you have many beam shows that use the first 100 frames for beams, you can have Showtime or Autoplay automatically load this "beam frame" file after loading the show and normal show frames. In order to enable this capability, create a frame file and save it in the LD2000SupportShapes folder, named "" and then use the menu 'Edit/Show name and description' to enable or disable the automatic beam frame loading.
Pre-loading shows in Autoplay, for uninterrupted playback of multiple shows

Autoplay now features the ability to "pre-load" frames, either automatically (as each show is loaded, it will be stored in memory for faster playback if played in a loop), or manually, by using the "Preload frames" menu. This "preload" capability can allow essentially uninterrupted playback of multiple shows. (Autoplay will load as many shows and frames that will fit into your QM2000 memory.)
Updated QMX (Quadmod DMX) console utility

As part of LD2000 version 4.50, some users may have discovered a small utility program called QMX_24. This is a small add-on utility program, which is an easy-to-use DMX console. For version 5.0, this program has been improved. It can be used either as a stand-alone DMX console (or DMX monitor, allowing you to watch an incoming DMX stream) or it can be used alongside any of the other programs within the LD2000 software suite.
LivePRO updates

Within LivePRO, we have added a Master Brightness capability for beams, and corresponding ability to control beam brightness with DMX Input. Based on user input, we have also allowed the ONLINE button to be visible in the Simplified user interface mode and disabled the ability to select and change the routing of zones when in User mode. Various other internal and external improvements have been made, including changes to the MIDI system, Snapshots system, copy/paste system and changes to how LivePRO works with multiple processors in a PC (such as Dual Core and Quad Core processors). (LivePRO is available for free for LD2000 Pro users!)
Updates to Lasershow Converter FLASH

For Lasershow Converter FLASH, we have made internal changes related to how the program looks for objects within a FLASH file. The change should improve LC-Flash's compatibility with some of the FLASH files out there in the public domain. We’ve also added information into the help file about exporting files from Adobe FLASH version 8. (Lasershow Converter FLASH is available for free for LD2000 Pro AND LD2000 Basic users!)
Updates to Lasershow Converter 4D and Lasershow Converter MAX

For Lasershow Converter 4D, internal changes have been made based on feedback from users, and we have also updated the documentation. In addition, MAXON has released version 11.5 of Cinema 4D, and we now have a version of Lasershow Converter 4D that works with this version as well. (Lasershow Converter 4D is available for free for LD2000 Pro AND LD2000 Basic users!)

For Lasershow Converter MAX, we have new features to the Contours portion of the modifier plug-in. Now you can apply multiple contours to an object or even part of an object. And just as MAXON has released a new version of Cinema 4D, AutoDesk has also released a new version of 3D Studio MAX called 3ds Max 2010. Lasershow Converter MAX now fully supports MAX version 4.0 through version 2010.

Note that as part of the update for Lasershow Converter MAX, we are including a number of Pangolin-created models which can be used along with 3D Studio MAX to do laser shows. Because of the shear size of the latest installation, with all of the LC-MAX versions, all of the examples and the new models, we recommend people purchase this new LD2000 and LC-MAX installation DVD set.
New link to the visualization program Light Converse

Probably the most significant change for LD2000 version 5.0 is the ability to visualize the output of all LD2000 programs (including customer-written programs that use the LD2000 SDK) through the third-party visualization program called LIGHT CONVERSE. For those who have never seen LIGHT CONVERSE in action, this is a program that does real time photorealistic rendering of lights, trusses, staging, and now lasers. Professional users will enjoy the ability to show clients mock stages of how their laser shows will look along with other multimedia content.

You can learn more about LIGHT CONVERSE at their web site. And you can see a video showing LIGHT CONVERSE in action, along with Pangolin lasers here.

Through a special arrangement, you can purchase a "Design" version of LIGHT CONVERSE that includes the Pangolin laser rendering engine for 350 Euro. (Normally the laser rendering option is only available in the "Media" or "Ultimate" versions of LIGHT CONVERSE, costing 1200 Euro or more.)
New shows

In addition to the software changes noted above, we have also added 20 new shows to the LD2000 distribution, bringing the grand total to 120 shows. The newest additions include three of the Pangolin Prize winners from 2008, some additional Lightspeed content, updated versions of shows previously offered by Rupert Morse and a few from some of the folks on Photon Lexicon.

The LD2000 suite includes over a dozen programs and utilities – almost all of them having been updated in some way... We hope you enjoy Lasershow Designer 2000 version 5.0.