Laserdioden-Treiber für rote und blaue Laserdioden Vergrößern

Laserdioden-Treiber für rote und blaue Laserdioden


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Konstantstrom-Laserdioden-Treiber speziell für die Nichia NDB7112E 500mW 445nm Dioden

It operates from a 9 to 12V DC supply and has an onboard DC-DC to generate a supply a couple of volts greater than the Vf of the laser diode.

There is an LED O/P which comes on with the supply. The onboard DC-DC is enabled 10 seconds later to satisfy CDRH requirements for a power on delay.

The input has a couple of stages of protection from overvoltage and static discharge (since the laser diode is so expensive) ESD-Video

Jumper preset to 146, 163, 192, 224, 384, 536, 1063 mA and Full-Scale current.

Adjustable threshold current - This allows setup to give output laser power proportional to input voltage.

Size: Ca. 45 * 50.5 mm